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Hulk Haulers VA specializes in moving up right pianos highback pianos Grand pianos and more! Our Movers are equipped and trained to move heavy items such as gun safes and pianos,

THE COST OF A JUNK REMOVAL SERVICE How much it cost to remove junk? Junk removal costs often vary based on the amount of items that need removal as well as the weight of individual items. For example, a twin or full size mattress, small refrigerator, TV stand or other item that may only require a single person to carry would generally cost less than a full size fridge, a piano, safe or multiple items in a home. Commercial junk or debris removal is often measured by different standards. Because of the nature of certain jobs, such as construction and demolition, this type of work is usually priced by the amount of time a job will take. Other types of #commercial #hauling and the amount they cost depend on the type of equipment needed to complete the job as well as the time it will take.

Why SHOULD I USE A JUNK REMOVAL SERVICE Why should you use a junk removal service? There are many different scenarios that would warrant the use of a junk removal service. For example, you should use a junk removal service if you are closing on a house and need items out for the new buyers, especially if you plan on buying new #furniture or if items are just to heavy such as #gun #safes and #pianos. It's a good idea to call your local professional #junk #movers instead of #moving your unwanted items into your new home. Another reason to use a junk removal service is if you have a lot of unwanted clutter and you need space for new furniture. Or, if you just like things orderly, you can do a yearly #cleanouts of broken items, #trash and any other unwanted items. Most construction #debris can be removed by a junk removal company as well. Professionals could save you time and money just to hire a local #debris #removal company/junk removal company.

Hauling cost for a couchIn the junk removal business, there are a lot of different ways that companies come up with their quotes. Most times quotes are based on details including (but not limited to): locations, the actual and amount of work that needs to be done, and the amount of workers needed to complete the job in a timely manner, among other details.#Hauling cost for couches can fluctuate depending on the weight of the couch, how many stairs there are getting the item out of the house, and the type of couch that needs to be hauled. For a single couch, the price could range from about $150-$225 depending on these variables. How do You Get Rid of Junk and What Happens to My Stuff After it is Hauled Away?The task of junk removal can be a straightforward process. The simplest of jobs involve picking up and loading bulk trash items and transporting to a landfill. However, some complex jobs include carefully picking up and loading, such as hazardous materials or heavy metals, and knowing how and where to dispose of the item. When a junk removal item picks up your unwanted items, they will choose the best method of #disposal and it really depends on that company's policies, landfill policies, and other determinations. Some items, including trash or broken furniture, need to be transported directly to a dump. Other items, such as #dishwashers, #lawnmowers, or other metallic items that can be recycled. Moreover, other items such as #furniture can either be donated to a family in need or refinished. Most times, items will be either recycled, donated, or as a last resort, taken to a #landfill and/or #disposed of properly.

Do Junk Removal Companies Need to be Licensed and Insured?A good rule of thumb is that any company hat you work with should be licensed and insured. We believe this because it makes these companies more trustworthy. If you have people moving heavy items around your home or commercial rental space, you will want piece of mind that these movers know what they are doing and if anything happens to get damaged, it will be covered. The last thing you want is damage to your floors, wall, or new furniture and not having an easy way to get the item fixed or replaced. What are the benefits of using a

Junk removal company over an ordinary moving company? #Pricing - Your average #moving #company provides services for moving items (such as furniture) from one location (i.e. your home) to another. Sounds simple, right? However, if you were to call a moving company for you hauling needs, the company may not be familiar with all of the necessary fees and techniques needed to haul items to be dumped or recycled. Most moving companies only specialize in moving services, whereas a hauling company may be able to provide multiple services at a cheaper cost. #Transportation - A lot of times, moving companies may not have the right sized vehicles and trucks to provide services. Because of the nature of "moving" most times companies that specialize in this service will have large, enclosed trucks that are way too big to haul residential and some commercial loads. Would you want a 26 foot truck pulling up to your house to #haul a #couch and a coffee table away for you? These trucks are made for loading full houses and unless you are disposing of everything in your home, most times you need something smaller. This will also reflect in the pricing. #Equipment - Again, certain hauling jobs require certain equipment or tools in order for them to be completed. Maybe you need your deck demoed, or items taken apart so that they can be moved. Perhaps you have a safe and a heavy duty dolly is necessary to move it up and down stairs. You hauling company can easily come prepared for any job with a simple consultation. Should I call a junk removal service for property damage?Unfortunately, there may be times when our homes become damaged due to weather and other natural disasters, accidents, and unforeseen circumstances. #Flood #damage, #fire damage, #mold, vandalism and other issues may prompt the need to clear out debris, especially when the environment is unsafe. A junk removal service will be able to verbally guide you through the process of safely disposing items in unsafe areas and then enlist a team of #haulers who can meticulously pack and dispose of your damaged items.

How do haulers determine cost of bigger jobs?

Haulers determine cost based on a few things, such as the weight of each individual item, time, the amount of items you have, the location of the items and the difficulty of the job.


The weight of the items are the most important. The weight of the item will determine how much labor is needed and/or special tools needed to complete the task.


The second most important factor in an estimated cost is time. There are different aspects of how time affects cost. First, jobs that are short notice and that require immediate attention may cost more because of scheduling issues. It is usually better to schedule in advance to lock in your rate. How much time it will take to complete the job is also an aspect of how time affects cost. Multiple large items that require multiple men to carry will inherently take longer to load than smaller , one man items. This will increase your cost because of labor.


There are also multiple aspects of how location can affect the cost of your move. The location of the job, as in the physical location of the building where the items are located will play a role in your estimated cost. If your items need to be hauled to a dump or landfill, the proximity of your location to the landfill will affect the cost. Also, if the junk removal company you call is not local to your area or the landfill, your cost could also be increased to cover gas, out of town dump fees, and other costs. Lastly, if the location of the actual item in your home is up or down steps, in a small area, or in a place that may be hard or not possible to access directly by a loading truck, your cost may be increased due to the increased labor.


The amount of items will greatly affect the cost of your quote. A single mattress will decrease your quote because of the limited amount of men required to pick it up and carry it. However, job that requires a mattress, bed frame, safe, refrigerator, washer/dryer, and a piano be moved will cost much more because of how it affects how much time it will take.


Lastly, the difficulty of a hauling job is affected by all other key factors that will increase or decrease your quote. The weight of the items, the time it takes to reach the location and where the items are stored, will all affect your hauler's labor cost. Other aspects of difficulty could include the ability to access the item, special tools needed, or any special requirements or requests by customers (such as indirect access to items, rough terrain, wet ground, or taking off shoes).

Items Haulers may not take

There aren't too many items that haulers won't take for the right price. However, there are items that some companies consider to be hazardous. Typically loaded fire arms, prescription drugs or illegal drugs, and combustible materials (among other items) cannot be taken as is and must be prepared to be dumped properly. Always ask the hauling company you decide to go with what items they do not take. Each company has its own policies.

What should i do if i have no where to dump junk but have help?

If you have #junk that needs #removal and have the help from others, but you DON'T have the means to transport the #junk or a close dump facility, a great option is to use #dumpster #rental #services. Imagine you're moving and need to get rid of items, but you're not quite finished dividing up what you're taking or tossing. You can rent a dumpster for a week or more and take your time with sifting through your belongings. There can be great benefits to using a dumpster rental service, like #saving #money if you have the muscle to dump the items. Then instead of #hiring a crew that can be costly, you can potentially cut costs by having a #local #hauling #company drop a dumpster to your home and or #commercial #property and pick it up when your done. No job is too big or to small as there are 15 yard dumpsters to 20 yard dumpsters and more!

ConclusionThe cost of #junk #removal is going to vary based on a number of factors. The type of items, locations of the items, environment of the items, as well as the special equipment needed and fees associated with dumping are all major contributors to the amount you are quoted for. Using a licensed and insured #hauling #company will ensure that you will be covered for damages that happen during the hauling work and give you peace of mind about using a company that is serious and enthusiastic about getting your item #hauled. You can also be confident you are getting a fair price and your haulers know what they are doing. Check out our website at to get a quote or give us call us at 540-860-0276! #Hulk #Haulers #VAHulk Haulers VA is a hauling company based out of Winchester, VA. They are full of professional movers that pride themselves on providing 5 star quality work. They will haul just about anything except some hazardous items. They also provide other services, such as lawn care services, #cleaning #services, #tree and bush #removal, and bulk item removal. Hulk Haulers VA will also move large items from one location to another and homes within a 100 mile radius from their location.

Hulk Haulers VA prides themselves on honesty and integrity. They differ from other companies because they really try to work with customers based on their needs. If you're feeling stressed about #moving or getting items #removed, Hulk Haulers VA does a great job of relieving that stress and giving customers exactly what they need. Don't take my word for it! Check out the reviews on their website to see past customer experiences. I view Hulk Haulers VA as modern day superheros. They find themselves taking on what some customers have said to be impossible and others could not do, and accomplishing the impossible and leaving customers amazed. I recommend Hulk Haulers VA for any of the services that they provide.

Junk removal near #Stephens #City #VA if you have old dressers, sofas, cars, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, metal, concrete, french door refrigerators, regular frigerators, deep freezers, wood, aluminum, recliners, gun safes, pianos, vaults, TVs, and more! HULK HAULERS VA will come clean out your whole house if needed and also your basement, garage, store front, crawl space, attic, office warehouse and more!servicing the surrounding areas Winchester Virginia, Strasburg Virginia, Stephens City Virginia, front Royal Virginia, berryville Virginia, Sterling Virginia, Harrisonburg Virginia, Manassas Virginia, Haymarket Virginia, WV, and more! no matter the size of the job give us a call at HULK HAULERS VA we are determined to provide customers with 100% satisfaction through our work ethic and great customer service. We are extremely ready and prepared to take on any job we have the tools and experience to move big safes or just a large amount of accumulated junk. We have a team of professionals who know how to move your items with ease and safety. also check out our Moving services we offer long distance moving and also local moving all movers know how to pack the truck so that your items are transported safely. Hulk haulers VA staff are trained in the art of loading and also trained on how to Pack a house. We do this with great pride and integrity. If we don't have what you need then nobody does!!

Winter season is the season where you most likely will find that the prices have decreased. Typically local moving prices will go down by 15% in the winter season. Also you might find that junk removal cost will decrease in the winter time as well. So why do these prices fluctuate like this? The prices fluctuate because of the holiday seasons and the weather conditions. A percentage of people simply don't think about junk removal or moving as often in the winter time than they do in the summertime. Now you will find that during the winter season the demand for #long #distance #moving will increase and that's because a percentage of people like to #move somewhere warmer if they're currently living in a colder climate area. We typically tend to focus on family and friends and giving to others during the holiday seasons so the last thing that we think about are doing the things that we need to do at home, like getting the house organized, getting items moved, and getting that tree that fell down during the summer removed. We tend to put these things on the back burner during the winter season. It's totally understandable but why not take out two birds with one stone. Give your family member a gift that they will enjoy for the rest of the year and more years after that. A special gift to give would be a room makeover to get rid of that old clutter and invite new and good feng shui into their space. This is a gift that will give not just to them but to the whole family as well. Get that old basement that you've been meaning to turn into the your home theater cleaned out! Junk removal movers can get that job done and can help you put a smile on your family members face. That art room that your wife has been wanting the holiday season is perfect for you to invest in that new space, and let's not forget the man cave give your husband that gift he can truly appreciate for the whole year. I'm sure you have some great ideas as far as turning your old space into a new and wonderful creation. Take advantage of this season while the prices are low and call your local junk removal company or #movers to help you get these super gifts underway. Other ways to take advantages of Winter moving companies. Sometimes we buy gifts that are just too heavy to carry for one person so why not take advantage of the low prices during the winter to use delivery services. You will find that the delivery rates for moving companies are lowered in the winter time as well. Also you can call your local #junk #removal companies to come remove those heavy trees cardboard boxes wrapping paper and more. If you have a large gathering for Christmas every year why not budget for a clean up crew, your local junk removal companies do it all. We want to let you know that these services exist to make your life a little bit easier. So don't forget to budget in these cost for the winter season.

Long Distance Moving A. Are you looking to get more information about moving long distance? Coordinating your cross country move can be a daunting task. Securing a new home, moving to a new job, and transferring the kids to new schools are some of the things that must be completed. Add moving your entire home on top, and it might be too stressful. B. This is where Hulk Haulers VA comes in. Let us take the extra weight off of your shoulders. We will take the necessary steps to get your items moved safely and timely. Here are a few things that you should consider when moving long distance. C. WHAT IS CONSIDERED LONG DISTANCE? D. Every moving or hauling company establishes their own measure of how far long distance actually is. From our standpoint, cross country moving or long distance moving is any move that is over 100 miles in distance. This means that from our location in Virginia, this can be to or from as close as Virginia Beach and the North Carolina border and Pennsylvania, or as far as Malibu, California, Maine, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, Washington, Texas and many more states. It is very important to hire professional movers who are licensed and insured on your long distance journey because you want your items to stay safe. Going a long distance can be rough for you and your items. Professionals movers will properly secure your belongings to safeguard against highway traffic. The dangers of being on the highway can be monumental and you increase those dangers even more when travelling over a 100 miles. Spending more time on the highway than you normally would on an average day simply means a greater risk for delays. E. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY LONG DISTANCE MOVE? F. Preparing for a long distance move can be a large task. First things first, it is most important to establish your exact destination address as soon as possible, as some moving companies may up charge to cover any extra mileage that may happen. The next most important task is to establish an exact move date so that your movers are able to confirm and coordinate their schedules. G. Another important way to prepare for your long distance move include getting junk hauled and removed. When you have lived in a home for awhile, it is easy to collect various items like furniture and appliances that fail to serve their purposes. Moving to a new home is one of those things that points out all the items we no longer need. Getting your movers or haulers to take these items BEFORE your move, helps to speed the moving process and helps you to de-clutter both your old home and new home. H. Preparing your financials is another crucial step in preparing for a long distance move. Most companies require final payments due at the completion of moving services. Most banks and credit cards companies impose limits on how much can be taken out or approved for a given day. The last thing you want is to come up short on the payment. We usually recommend either bringing a cash payment or setting the authorization up with your bank ahead of time. We also recommend finding out if your bank has nearby locations to your new home in case their are any approval issues or documents that need to be signed. I. Lastly, another important step is being realistic about your move as a whole service. What we mean by this is, it is important to understand the balance between hiring a professional moving service but also understanding your budget. We understand that your items are valuable and will take the time to pack (if required) and load correctly so that no items are broken while being transported. We also employ skillful drivers who know how to maneuver large and heavy truck loads across the highways. Getting someone you know or family members to help you will be cheaper than hiring professional movers, but you also run the risk of damaging important and valuable items that may be irreplaceable. Hiring movers may cost you more, but you are also guaranteed to have the peace of mind over your valuables. J. Speaking of your budget, you must understand that the cost of moving long distance will vary based on the distance between the two locations and the size & style of your home/amount of items, among other things. Moving long distance is considerably more work and moving companies must block their schedules for days at a time. K. In the moving business, there are a lot of different ways that companies come up with their quotes. Most times quotes are based on details including (but not limited to): locations, the actual and amount of work that needs to be done, and the amount of workers needed to complete the job in a timely manner, among other details. Let's start with some questions that movers may ask you in order to establish an estimate: #1. Location - So, usually companies will ask where your current location is and they will ask about the location at which your items will be moved to. This helps movers factor in the mileage and what is needed in gas to get to the second location. #2. Inventory - They will ask about the items you have in your home, whether the home is fully furnished and if an item is over 400 pounds. In the moving world, lifting a single item over 400 pounds is a whole other job. The inventory will usually determine how many movers are needed for the job. #3. Home Layout - Usually most companies ask how many stairs there are in and outside of the home, and they may also ask if they are able to back a truck to the front/exit door of the home. Stairs can add more time to a move and exerts more energy for movers. This includes elevators in large homes, multiple resident buildings and storage facilities. Even though elevators may not exert as much energy as stairs, it is time consuming, so prices may be more elevated depending on the inventory and home layout. Most companies try to be fair, because most homes do have stairs. #4. Date - The more notice you give moving companies, the more likely it is for them to give you a fair price. Sometimes, short notice moves result in companies having to rearrange schedules. This could cause some issues, but most companies want your business so they will try to accommodate you with options to make it work. If you are set on a short notice time frame then the price of your quote could increase. There may be more questions a company will ask you, but these are the basic questions that companies may ask. For now, we will move on to questions that you (the customer) should ask. L. (The order of the questions do not matter. As long as the questions are asked, you will have peace of mind that you are getting an honest and reliable quote). #1. Are you licensed and insured? Usually if moving companies are licensed and insured, you can feel better about them moving your items. If a mistake were to happen, you will know if they could cover damages to your personal items. #2. Will there be experienced or trained movers on my move? Most companies try not to make mistakes. Experienced movers are less likely to make mistakes that cause delays in time or damage to personal items. New movers, as long as they are trained properly, can be efficient. However, you'd want at least one experienced mover on your job. #3. Is a copy of the contract available to me? Not every company's policies are the same, so you want a copy of the moving agreement. If they cannot provide you with a copy, I do not recommend you use them for your move. Read your contract thoroughly, taking your time to read information about what their policies are. If they are reasonable terms for you, you may feel more comfortable about using that company. #4. Are you hourly or flat-rate? Hourly rates can always be a risk. Anything can happen during your move. Traffic, weather, and customer emergencies to name a few, can all extend the time frame of your move. Also, if you are not going with a reliable company, their movers may move slower and take breaks. Depending on their policies in the contract, you could be paying for their breaks or downtime. Your hourly rate based quote will always sound smaller or better in the beginning, but nine times our of ten, you will end up with a much larger bill by the time your job is completed. My personal opinion is to always go with a flat-rate based quote. This way, your quote is most likely not going to increase once you receive your initial estimate, given there are no major additions to the move. M. PROS AND CONS N.There are pros and cons to every decision you make when choosing a company to work with. Using the barber example above, maybe your favorite stylist uses a flat rate for the entire service, or a rate for each individual service. Perhaps the hourly stylist is running a sale that gets you extra services. You will have to take into account what you actually need, as well as how much you are willing to pay O. PROS 1. HOURLY Hourly rates sound good. A company that quotes you $150 an hour for all supplies could be giving you a good deal. Say you just need help moving your first level one bedroom apartment to a ground floor storage facility. Chances are, it won't take that long to be completed. If the workers move fast, it could be finished in three hours and you've spent less that $500 for a professional moving company to move all your belongings. 2. FLAT - RATE Flat rates are good because there is no guess work on neither the customer's part or the company's part. Every piece of the service that costs money can be explicitly dealt with in the contract and you won't be left wondering if you should've went with someone else. You will know upfront how much you will be paying, rather than not knowing until the end of the job. No matter how much time it takes for your movers to complete the job, you will not be charged more money. Plus, it gives your movers an incentive to compete the job quicker. 3. HOURLY/FLAT - RATE COMBO P. The benefit of going with w company that uses this type of rate calculate is that you could save money depending on how many items you have an their weight. Say you do have a lot of items that need to be moved, but they are all lightweight boxes. You know that it will take your movers some time to load and unload, so the company's minimum seems more realistic or fair because you know upfront the least amount you will be spending. These are the most important things to know when deciding on a moving company. Questions are good! Never let companies make you feel like you are an inconvenience for asking any questions you may have. If you have other questions for me, please leave them in the comment section and I will get to you as best I can.

The cost range of a long distance move The price will vary depending on three different aspects of the move. The first factor that the movers have to consider is the distance from the moving companies location to the new address typically if its over 100 miles its considered long distance and you will start in the price range of $1000 to $1500 any thing over 100 miles but less then 500 miles will be in the $2000 to $6000 range and any thing over that can be in the range of $6000 to $15,000. You have to also consider how much labor it will take to complete your move. Another factor is time. Time is very valuable so if your move is going to take a long time you should budget to spend the appropriate amount. Every company differs in price there are more aspects to the cost and it all depends on the services you want such as packing and assembly and disassembly, these are specialty services and can cost a significant amount but you get what you pay for so remember if you want quality you have to pay for it. I advise that you shop around ask the right questions and that should help determine the best movers for you.

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