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Get in touch with us today to schedule your junk removal service. We proudly serve Loudoun County and the surrounding areas.

Phone: [540-860-0276]

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Junk Removal

Do you have heavy loads of junk that need to be removed from your home or place of business? We provide efficient junk removal services at fair prices. We will remove any junk from any state.


- sofas     - refrigerators

- pianos   - dressers

- wood     - safes

- stoves   -  washers and dryers

- TVs        - dishwashers

- office furniture

- storage units and much more!


*Please contact us for all commercial work.

*We will not haul chemicals or hazardous materials.


Junk Removal Loudoun county VA
French door Fridge  Removal Service!

We do offer $125.00 drive up & pick up junk removal services on every Friday limited to two pieces of furniture per house hold. Weight needs to be under 200 pounds to qualify for this service. This does not include labor so you will need to have help to load these items on to our trucks. We offer this service to the local areas includes Winchester Virginia, Stephens City Virginia, Front Royal Virginia, Strasburg Virginia, Linden Virginia, Marshall Virginia, Middletown Virginia, Leesburg VA, Manassas Virginia. Please call before the following Friday that you would like this service 540-860-0276!             

Junk removal in Winchester VA

Trash Removal

We provide weekly household trash services in Winchester VA, and Stephens city VA, area at your convenience! 

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