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How much does it cost to remove junk?

Large families can accumulate quite a few household items. We all accumulate items, like an old refrigerator, a broken dresser, appliances gone wrong, or maybe the kids play football in the house and break the family piano. We all understand life happens and when it does sometimes the easiest thing to do at the time is put it aside. You hope to one day get it fixed but you never get around to it. So now you have accumulated some pretty heavy items you need gone out of your home but it's to heavy or overwhelming to do your self. That's where we come in "Junk Movers" why call a junk mover aka hauler? Well let me tell you why, because we specialize in knowing what it cost as far as dumping fees, labor and more! Junk movers also specialize in knowing what materials we need to remove your items, there for, getting you the best price for your junk removal.

How do haulers determine cost?

Haulers determine cost based on a few things, such as the weight of each individual item, time, the amount of items you have, the location of the items and the difficulty of the job.


The weight of the items are the most important. The weight of the item will determine how much labor is needed and/or special tools needed to complete the task.


The second most important factor in an estimated cost is time. There are different aspects of how time affects cost. First, jobs that are short notice and that require immediate attention may cost more because of scheduling issues. It is usually better to schedule in advance to lock in your rate. How much time it will take to complete the job is also an aspect of how time affects cost. Multiple large items that require multiple men to carry will inherently take longer to load than smaller , one man items. This will increase your cost because of labor.


There are also multiple aspects of how location can affect the cost of your move. The location of the job, as in the physical location of the building where the items are located will play a role in your estimated cost. If your items need to be hauled to a dump or landfill, the proximity of your location to the landfill will affect the cost. Also, if the junk removal company you call is not local to your area or the landfill, your cost could also be increased to cover gas, out of town dump fees, and other costs. Lastly, if the location of the actual item in your home is up or down steps, in a small area, or in a place that may be hard or not possible to access directly by a loading truck, your cost may be increased due to the increased labor.


The amount of items will greatly affect the cost of your quote. A single mattress will decrease your quote because of the limited amount of men required to pick it up and carry it. However, job that requires a mattress, bed frame, safe, refrigerator, washer/dryer, and a piano be moved will cost much more because of how it affects how much time it will take.


Lastly, the difficulty of a hauling job is affected by all other key factors that will increase or decrease your quote. The weight of the items, the time it takes to reach the location and where the items are stored, will all affect your hauler's labor cost. Other aspects of difficulty could include the ability to access the item, special tools needed, or any special requirements or requests by customers (such as indirect access to items, rough terrain, wet ground, or taking off shoes).

Cutting Corners

Most furniture should not be disposed of in a dumpster. In some areas, small wooden items may be accepted but that needs to be checked by a professional disposal company.

Questions commonly asked

Can I throw furniture in a dumpster?

Different disposal companies have various rules concerning the placement of furniture in or around dumpsters. In general, it is best to get permission from your landlord, property manager, or home owner's association concerning dumping individual pieces. These items are usually not to be placed in dumpsters.

Can I throw my mattress in the dumpster?

Believe it or not, mattresses are not supposed to be put in neighborhood dumpsters. In general, you need special permission to throw items like mattresses in these trash receptacles from your landlord, property manager, or home owners association.

Can I throw my TV and in a dumpster? Other electronics?

TV's and some other electronics are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly. These items should NOT be put in a dumpster.

How to Stop Unwanted Junk in Dumpster Areas

Hauling for property managers is a different pricing structure. Most properties have designated areas for dumpsters and trash pickup. Sometimes, tenants and members of the neighborhood are unsure of where are how to dispose of large pieces other than normal household trash. In these instances, it is easy for people to mistakenly place these larger pieces in or around dumpsters, which not only causes the area to become visually cluttered, but it also creates an issue for both the property manager and the trash company. As discussed above, unless larger pieces are written into a trash company's contracts for property managers, these companies will usually charge managers extra fees to take them or leave them to sit in the unsightly dump area. Also, typically dumpster companies have routes to keep that can decide whether the garbage trucks will even come into the specified area.

With this type of hauling, it is usually best to have a contract in place that specifies the frequency a junk removal company should come out to pick up larger pieces as well as how much and how many large pieces should be expected. Property managers should also discuss with their tenants about where and how to place large pieces, the frequency at which the junk removal company will pick up, and any extra costs associated with this type of hauling.

In summary, there are multiple key factors to determine how much it will cost to hire junk movers. Whether you are a residential customer or a commercial company, the location, timing, items, and difficulty of each specific job will decide how much you are quoted by your local hauling company.

Check out our blogs about customer service to learn about what you should expect to receive from junk movers and to understand the value of the service!

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