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What does a house clean out service offer?

What is a home clean out service?

A house clean out service offers the removal of furniture trash and debris out of homes in bulk. When living in a house for years, it's easy to accumulate junk. Sometimes the amount of junk adding up gets overwhelming. So when you don't know where or how to start getting your house back in order that's where a junk removal company comes in that offers house clean out services.

Why should I get a house clean out service?

The seriousness and danger of having a cluttered or junk filled house are very real. Depending on what type of objects and material that needs to be removed you can develop mold and other bacteria the can be harmful to your health and the environment

When should I request clean out services?

Surprisingly enough, it is easy to accumulate bulky furniture and junk in your home. As your interior changes or your family grows, you will eventually have clothes, small and large furniture, appliances and other objects that will need removal. Anyone with a busy schedule or busy family can very easily fall into the trap of accumulating junk.

Other circumstances of home clean outs include moving and/or refurnishing an entire home, foreclosure and estate clean outs.

Who can provide house clean out services?

When searching for a company that provides these services, it is important to use the techniques we talked about in this blog post about common questions you should ask a junk removal company As usual, always use a company that is licensed and insured so that if any damage to your home occurs it is covered by the company. You also want to look for a company that is qualified to handle mold and mildew and other potentially harmful substances that may be present.

Hulk Haulers VA provides home clean out services

How much do home clean outs cost?

The amount that you can expect to pay varies based on the size of the home needing to be cleaned out and the amount and type of objects needed to be removed and disposed of. These type of jobs can be very time consuming. The base price for this type of service will typically start around $1500.

Where can I request home clean out services with Hulk Haulers VA?

You can

  • Visit and select home clean out with your quick quote. Please remember to be as specific as possible for the most accurate quote.

  • Call us at 540-860-0276 to speak with a representative.

  • Send us an email at and let us know what you need removed.

We also encourage you to call around for estimates.

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