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Average cost of moving in Virginia!

Average cost of moving in the Virginia area

The average cost of moving can vary depending on the size of the move (split level home, 3 bedroom home, office building) location/mileage and how much labor it will take to get your items moved. Prices are different because some people have more personal belongings and furniture than others. Typical price range for a local three bedroom home move is $3000 - $3500. The typical range for a two bedroom apartment move on the third floor is $900 - $1500.

What should I look for when hiring movers?

When hiring movers you should look for some essential things such as licensing - it shows that the business is legitimate within that state. Also a copy of insurance - Even the best of companies can be caught in an accident especially on the interstate so if a moving truck hauling your items cross country or even local no matter the distance an accident can occur. So you want your items to be covered if something were to happen. It is better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you would check for is reviews see what the community is saying if the company has one bad review maybe consider that the people they did the work for are just people that can't be pleased and unfortunately there are people like that if you see a lot of positive feedback or nothing but positive feedback you are most likely on your way to choosing the best company for you!

Should I tip the movers?

Short answer is: it is common and in good taste that you always tip your movers. Movers work extremely hard to keep your items as safe as possible but we understand if you are not pleased with the service then tipping won't be necessary!

How to prepare for moves?

One thing you can do to prepare for moves is to get rid of junk if it's too heavy or too much just call your local junk removal company, some companies offer both services so check into it and prepare by removing the clutter. It makes for a better work environment which helps so the mover is not stuck at the end of the move wondering how to get their stuff hauled away.

Top 5 movers

HULK HAULERS VA - Best overall

International Van line movers - Up front pricing

College hunks hauling - Availability

Pods - Working with budget

North American Van lines - Customization

Should COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Your Move?

The Top Ten Reasons to Move

In Need of a Fresh Start

A person’s destiny is oftentimes tied into their living arrangements. During different stages of life, people sometimes feel restless and/or lack purpose; these feelings then drive folks to make radical changes. And where there is change, one can find anxiety and fear. Buying a first home, relocating to a new state, country, or just moving to a new town can provide personal clarity, vision, and/or purpose. While no one can determine what is best for another person; many people find themselves going with a “gut feeling.” That gut feeling may be a challenge to make a physical move in order to get a jump on a fresh start. Well, to lessen the stress and fears that come with moving, begin with finding a reliable mover that will take care of all of the leg work. While looking into the vicinity of your new living quarters, do some research on moving and movers. Next, go with a reputable moving company that has great reviews. The costs may be more than your average “joe-blow” movers, but the outcomes will likely yield a great start to a “fresh start.” Check out one successful moving company to get a free quote at

New Job Opportunities

A new job opportunity is thrilling. Situations that call for taking a new job, vary. It is great when a new job offers a relocation package and all of the other perks that go along with moving. However, getting that ideal job may not cover all the relocation expenses. So starting a savings will help when the time is right Moving to a new locality means taking a leap of faith and physically packing up and making the necessary steps to launch a new path. If a new career is in your future for personal success, then a move may be the right thing to do. A move will never occur without completing an application or sending out the resume. Personalizing a great resume is not always easy; so consider using a resume building service or an app that helps with resume building. While the goal is securing the job, it could benefit to do your research on companies that offer the desired career. Starting the the low end of a job should be considered a stepping stone to better things and not a demotion. The research of companies should include understanding the company’s values, mission, culture, and policies. It will be a matter of time before a door opens, so planning the move early will prevent later stresses that may ultimately happen

Relationship Changes

Closer to Family


Educational Opportunities

As a young adult, you may want to go to a particular educational institute which requires leaving the nest.

A part of parenting means choosing educational opportunities for your school age children.

Experience a New Culture

A Warmer or a Cooler Climate

Desire a Change of Scenery

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