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Average cost of moving for Virginia!

Average Moving Costs and Expenses

Moving from one home to another can be a daunting task. There are many little nuances that can greatly affect the success or hardship of a move and the amount you spend may or may not be related. First, you'll want to take a realistic look at how much stuff you have. Over the years, it is very easy to accumulate your "stuff" which will directly influence the cost of your move. Next, you'll want to consider the distance between your previous home and your new home. The farther the distance, the more gas required, the higher the price. Lastly, you'll need to consider the type of home you are moving to and where you are coming from. Are you coming from a third level apartment to a three-level townhome? Or a one-bedroom ground level apartment to a rancher. All of these general pieces will influence your pricing. We'll get into the specifics below.

Moving Expenses

In order to calculate the costs of moving it is helpful to first become knowledgeable of the expenses that come along with moving.

  1. Packing Products

What packing products do I need?

The types of packing projects that you need will depend on the type of furniture and belongings you have. Smaller pieces, such as dishes, clothes, cleaning supplies, knick-knacks, and small lamps could be placed in boxes. Larger pieces, such as armoires, kitchen hutches, and custom furniture may need to be wrapped with padding paper. You would also need packing tape to secure your items.

2. Moving Company Charges

Will I have to pay a deposit to a moving company?

Most times, you will need to pay a deposit to a moving company when booking. This is to ensure that the moving company and gather and supply all the items required to get your move done safely and timely. There are certain circumstances where a deposit may not be included. Examples include smaller moves totaling less than $1,000, hourly rated jobs where the total billed amount may vary based on how long the move takes, or other circumstances like setting up a payment plan where the client agrees to pay in full on the day of the move.

3. Moving Day Expenses

Moving company balances

Should I tip the movers?

The short answer is: it is common and in good taste that you always tip your movers. Movers work extremely hard to keep your items as safe as possible but we understand if you are not pleased with the service then tipping won't be necessary!

The average cost of moving can vary depending on the size of the move (split level home, 3-bedroom home, office building) location/mileage and how much labor it will take to get your items moved. Prices are different because some people have more personal belongings and furniture than others. The typical price range for a local three-bedroom home move is $3000 - $3500. The typical range for a two-bedroom apartment move on the third floor is $900 - $1500.

What should I look for when hiring movers?

When hiring movers you should look for some essential things such as licensing - it shows that the business is legitimate within that state. Also, a copy of insurance - Even the best of companies can be caught in an accident especially on the interstate so if a moving truck hauling your items cross country or even local no matter the distance an accident can occur. So you want your items to be covered if something were to happen. It is better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you would check for is reviews see what the community is saying if the company has one bad review maybe consider that the people they did the work for are just people that can't be pleased and unfortunately there are people like that if you see a lot of positive feedback or nothing but positive feedback you are most likely on your way to choosing the best company for you!

How to prepare for moves?

One thing you can do to prepare for moves is to get rid of junk if it's too heavy or too much just call your local junk removal company, some companies offer both services so check into it and prepare by removing the clutter. It makes for a better work environment which helps so the mover is not stuck at the end of the move wondering how to get their stuff hauled away.

Top 5 movers

HULK HAULERS VA - Best overall

International Van line movers - Upfront pricing

College hunks hauling - Availability

Pods - Working with a budget

North American Van lines - Customization

Should COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Your Move?

Are you wondering if Covid-19 will impact your move? Chances are, there will be a few changes or accommodations that you will need to make to ensure your safety and the safety of the workers. The may include pay via your bill online or via credit card, scheduling the movers to get the job done without customer presence, or agreeing to reschedule if you are sick.

Average Cost of Moving

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