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Cost of hiring movers!

Average cost of moving local is $400-$2000. The average cost of moving long distance is $2000-$15,000+ factoring in square footage distance and the amount of labor you need to get the job done correctly. Hiring professionals is worth the cost because moving is dangerous and very strenuous work!

Have you wondered about the cost of hiring movers for you next big move? In this article, we will discuss the different aspects moving companies take into account when pricing a move, large or small.

The first thing a moving company will consider is the distance of the move. If you are staying within your town or less than an hour away from your new home, you would be considered a local move. If you are moving over an hour or more away, you may be considered long distance. Moving long distance will require more overall time for your movers to complete the task of moving your items. It will also require more expenses will the method of transportation and equipment used to transport your items.

Another thing a moving company looks at is the amount of items you have and the types of items you have. Most residential moves have the same basic items, however larger homes tend to have larger size and a larger amount of items. Larger size items will need multiple men to carry each piece to ensure the safety of the items and the safety of the men. A move that has a large amount of items will require multiple men the carry the pieces to and from the moving truck, which requires more men or more time.

Lastly, your moving company will consider any specialty items you may have that will require special equipment. Examples include large safes, certain office equipment, vehicles, animals/pets. These items may require special equipment to move or transport along your move and therefore may increase your total quote.

Also remember that your final costs can increase or decrease from your quote based on any changes or unforeseen circumstances that take place after the contract is signed or the move takes place.

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