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How junk removal can help protect you during covid-19

The topic of discussion on most people's blogs, websites, in their daily lives today is the novel coronavirus affecting countries all over the world. Of how junk removal can help protect you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Junk removal is an important task that should be completed as often as needed. Some people clear out junk quarterly, biannually, or even monthly.

The first thing you should know is that covid-19 can last in the air for hours. Cobra 19 can also stick to metals plastic dust so if you are hoarding junk and your house and people have been in and out of your house or garage or place of business then it might be time for you to give rid of the old junk that's just collecting dust and it's not being used anymore

  1. Make sure the junk removal team or even movers are using the proper safety precautions.some safety precautions that movers and junk removal services can use our making sure every employee is equipped with gloves mask said do not leak in the air, and pre-screening employees for fevers before they start their shifts.

  2. Getting rid of useless materials that dust sticks too like metals wood plastic that have been sitting collecting dust.

  3. Customers should look for Junk removal services discounted cost during these hard times

  4. Make sure you stay at least 6 feet away from everyone.

mover in the winchester va area and all area should take precautions due to the rapid pace that Corvid-19 is spreading. Movers near Stephens city va Hulk Haulers VA - Home Mover - Winchester ... - Facebook and all companies should think about what they can do to help slow the spread mover in the Virginia area Hulk Haulers VA - Hauling and Moving in Stephens City is one company out of many that practice safety

What is a Junk Removal service?

A hauling company provides services that mainly include the removal of unwanted items and heavy materials such as concrete, wood, metal and more, hauling companies specialize in disposing of unwanted items properly. If you are trying to rid your home of household trash, old furniture, broken and old appliances, clothes, pianos, safes, or outdoor equipment, such as mowers, tires, playground sets, and fences, haulers are who you would need to call. They will remove your old fence that's been knocked down, or remove your old stove that needs to be replaced. Majority of the time, a hauling company may even deliver your new items or bring the materials and rebuild your new fence. Most haulers are professional movers that specialize in waste management. They know how to dispose of your unwanted materials properly without damaging your property or affecting the safety of others. Hauling companies are great for more than removing junk. Some hauling companies offer moving services as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Haul?

When pricing out a hauling company, it is important to understand the process of a hauling job. First, a hauling company will want to know what the specific item is and/or how many total items need to hauled. A company will also want to know the various types of items that you are asking to be removed. Some companies may up charge or refuse to haul hazardous materials. The cost may also fluctuate based on the weight of single items and how many workers it will take to safely handle and remove them. Next, you will be asked about the location of the items in the home and if there are steps, hills, direct truck access, or any other requirements, such as time and date constraints, weather related damage, and the need for special gear (i.e. flood damage, septic issues, etc.). Lastly, your hauling company will want to know where you are in relation to the nearest dumping facility in order to safely transport the items out of the area.

Hauling companies specialize in knowing how to dispose of your items and their related costs. We suggest that you do not call a moving service for a hauling job because movers price jobs based on moving items from one location to another location (i.e. house to house). Haulers specialize in removing items from your household knowing exactly how much it will cost to dispose of those items. Therefore, a moving company may overprice your quote because they are unsure of specific disposal fees. Average cost of items needed to be hauled with out stairs or rough terrain

*Refrigerators less than 250 pounds = $150

*up right Pianos = $450

*Safes less than 800 pounds = $650

*Refrigerators over 250 = $250

*leather Sectionals = $215

*sofas = $135

*recliner sofas = $150

*old T.v = $125

*Hot Tub = $800

*dressers under 200 pounds = $125

*lawn mowers = $100

*Stoves = $150

*bed = $100

*mattress = $150

Haulers versus Movers

Can I call a hauler to move my house? Typically, you'll find haulers moving heavy materials, such as bricks, concrete, and other construction items. Hauling companies must hire capable workers to lift these items in a safe and efficient manner. So, when it comes to moving household items, haulers are more than capable of offering that service. In the moving world, sometimes you will see smaller people trying to lift your large expensive items. With haulers, they are specifically trained to move larger items in a safe and timely manner, therefore you should feel confident in a hauling company to move items as well.

Benefits of Using Haulers (versus yourself or a friend)

Beyond the obvious of not having to pick up your extremely heavy items yourself, here are a few reasons why you should choose a hauling company to remove your items. One of the biggest reasons to use a hauling company like Hulk Haulers VA, is that haulers should be a licensed business and insured. If you drop your large hutch and damage your floor or fall into a wall and break into the drywall, you will be paying to repair the cost out of pocket. A hauling company is insured to cover those incidents.

Another huge reason to hire a professional is that lifting heavy items can cause serious injuries. Haulers have the training, supplies, and gear to pick up and sustain large items without causing severe injuries to themselves and others.

Should My Hauling Service be Insured?

Simple answer, YES. A lot of businesses are required to hold some type of insurance policy to protect themselves and their clients from unforeseen occurrences. Hauling insurance helps protect companies, workers, and clients from injuries, structural damages, accidents, and transport issues, to name a few. As a customer or client, you will want your property covered even though your haulers seem more than capable because accidents do happen. Even if you are getting items removed and hauled and not moved from one location to another, you definitely want to make sure your chosen company is insured for these issues. In our experience, you never know what can happen when moving heavy items. It is always better to be safe than sorry during every service. Sometimes a job may seem like it's not a big deal, but using an insured professional will definitely give you the extra confidence that if anything happens, you're covered. How do you find out if your company is insured? Just ask! A lot of companies will include it on their marketing strategies or in their service contract. If you don't see it anywhere, always ask!


A hauling company can provide many services, including the removal of junk from your home, office space, commercial and construction sites. Always do your homework to research a company before using them to make sure they are insured and capable of getting your job done. Check reviews, follow up with references, and look at social media pages to make sure you are using a legitimate company. Use our online quote box to get an idea of how much a job will cost and compare with other companies!

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