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How much does junk removal usually cost in Manassas Virginia?

Junk removal cost for a single item can cost $150 that's the typical minimum for junk removal cost. if you are clearing out your house and need majority of the items to be junked then you will spend anywhere from $2000-$10,000 depending on the severity of the situation! Budget to spend at least $500 for a medium pile of junk. Consider that your removal takes labor which usually consist of at least two junk haulers and also consider gas mileage and junk removal disposal fees. Businesses usually have to pay more to dispose of the items properly. Junk removal is not an easy job it consists of lifting heavy furniture and appliances, gun safes, pianos and more! So its a good idea to always tip the guys that are working hard to remove the items safely. tipping goes along way companies will remember if you tipped and you can tend to get a good deal the next go around just by being a great tipper! So consider the facts and plan and budget for your junk removal!

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