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Junk Removal Costs and other FAQs

The cost of #junk #removal can vary greatly depending on the weight of each individual item and the number of items that need to be hauled. Another factor is stairs or rough terrain. With this information, haulers can determine a quote or estimate for what your junk removal project will cost. The average price for a small junk removal load is $225 to $275 as long as there are no items that weigh over 300 pounds. The average price for a medium junk removal or haul (this might be limited to one room full of junk) can range from $300-600 depending on all the factors. The average price for a large junk removal project can be in a higher range. You may need to budget between the range of $1000-$4000. That price range is usually for emptying an entire house, store, or office space and ranges depending on how much junk there is. A construction debris removal is a whole different ball game. You can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 depending on what is needed for the job.

The best time to get a quote for a #junk removal project is the wintertime. This is because typically people don't like to spend as much money during the holiday season due to large gift purchases. The good thing is, people who do think to book these services during the winter can usually get better deals because of lower prices in the wintertime. This is due to companies trying to make it affordable for people during the wintertime because they understand people spend their money on loved ones and friends and usually do not prioritize spending on some home projects that they want to get done. This is why most people wait for summertime. That's where the summer influx comes in and prices go up simply due to supply and demand.

How can I get my junk #removed for free?

Typically it's going to cost something to get your junk removed. Every company has its own set of prices depending on the size of the company. Plus, all companies need to make a profit so doing a lot of #junk removal jobs and projects for free would not be profitable for the company's bottom line. However, there is a way to get junk removed for free.

There is one way to get your #junk #removal project done for free, and it depends on what kind of materials you have. If you have a significant amount of metal, copper or aluminum then companies are willing to come get it for free depending on the weight. So if you have a lot of any of those materials then you can possibly get the job done for free just simply ask to throw in your non-metals as an exchange.

What is the best time of year to get my junk removed?

This is an interesting question because there is more than one answer and it truly depends on your needs and your budget. The broad answer is, junk removals can really be completed at any time during the year. If you are looking to get a large, medium, or a small amount of junk hauled away from your establishment or home AND are looking to score a deal, waiting to do a fall/winter or end of the year #junk #removal could be best for you. This is because price estimates are generally less due to the reasons mentioned above and you will get the same quality service as usual. However, most people do not want to move or clean out their spaces during the winter. A lot of people also make the time to clean out spaces with “spring cleaning” initiatives. Think about it! There’s a reason why you don’t see a lot of yard sales during the winter! Small, medium and large junk removal projects can be completed with ease during the warmer months. The only downside from a consumer’s standpoint is that because there are many more people booking these types of jobs with junk removal companies, the prices may unintentionally go up solely due to demand. However, you can still expect to get impeccable service from a reputable company.

Can I complete junk removal myself?

There are some items that could potentially be hauled away by customers themselves. There are just a few things we would encourage you to consider before engaging in this activity. The first thing is, is the item safe to haul and does it have any safe handling requirements? It is important to remember that not all items can or should be taken to a landfill. Landfills usually have rules about what kinds of items can and cannot be dumped, and certain days to dump certain items. You will also want to consider your method of transporting the items and if there is any special equipment you may need or extra steps to properly dispose of the items. Secondly, you will also need to think about if a landfill is even the best option for dumping materials. Some materials can be recycled, and others must be disposed of in other ways. A third thing to remember is safety: your safety. Most junk #removers are trained to lift items over a period of time or just plain old heavier items. The last thing you’ll want to do is hurt yourself or unintentionally hurt someone else while trying to repeatedly lift and place heavier items. The best option is to take all of your hassles away and let a junk removal company deal with it for you!

How do I know I’m choosing the right junk removal company?

The hardest part about booking with a junk removal company, #moving company, or any type of service is knowing whether you’re choosing the right company to go with. This can be assessed in multiple ways. The most logical way to search for a company is by word of mouth. If other people have used a company and have had success with them, that should help make your a decision. Another way is by making sure the company is licensed and insured. If your potential company has made the effort to official license it's business and made sure to get insurance, this tells you that this company is a legitimate business. If anything negative were to happen during the job, a company that is licensed and insured would be more likely to remedy the situation so that it can continue to do business. Another way is by using social proof with websites and social media outlets. If a company comes across as tech-savvy and convenient for it’s potential customers, that can be very helpful in booking jobs. If you see that a company has social media pages with a generally positive level and amount of posts and engagement with likes and/or comments, that could help as well. This shows that people have seen or potentially have worked with this company before. If you are still unsure about using a certain company, we recommend giving them a call! Some companies offer free online quotes and will even make an appointment to come look at what you need to be completed in person. This way, you can ask all the questions you need and get a feel for the people who will be at your home or establishment getting the work done. Lastly, a good way to be sure about using a junk removal company is to use them! Nothing works better than learning for yourself if a junk removal company is legitimate. A lot of junk removal companies will ask it’s customers to leave reviews or spread the word to others and there is no better way to share your experience than to leave a review.

How can I contact or find a junk removal company?

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to contact a junk removal company for a hauling project. The first and most basic way is to use a telephone to call. In most cases, you will be able to speak with someone who can take your information and directly give you a quote over the phone or direct you to make an appointment. This way can be very quick an efficient, especially with a smaller company. Another way to contact a junk removal company is by email. In some cases, this may take just a little longer to get a response than by telephone, however it may be more efficient for customers with busy schedules who cannot use or access a telephone for personal calls during normal business hours. A third way to contact or find a junk removal company is by using an online messaging platform, such as on a website like Facebook. A lot of junk removal companies who have a social media presence will make it possible for potential customers to contact them on social media, and some will even offer quotes on these platforms. Other websites that can be used are google, yelp, bing, and other search engine type pages. These are indirect methods of contacting or finding junk removal companies and it may inherently take a little longer to speak to someone directly about your project. However, a lot of these platforms have made it easier for potential customers to contact these companies through the use of quoting or messaging features. They have also made it easier for companies to respond to and handle customer relations with software.

What is the best way to negotiate my junk removal quote?

As a junk removal company, we understand that a customer’s goal is to get a solution for their problem, in the most cost-effective way. Most customers do not want to spend an arm and a leg for junk to be taken away from their homes, office spaces, or construction sites. However, it is also important to be realistic about exactly what you need to be completed. Most companies want to give their customers a fair price that will adequately pay any dump or disposal fees, pay the labor and equipment fees, and reinvest into the business. So, how should you negotiate with your junk removal company? Well, one initial point is the fact that you CAN negotiate your price. Most companies want to be able to complete all potential customer projects and are willing to give a little wiggle room on the price as long as it doesn’t greatly affect their bottom line. The first thing to do it is to understand what type of items you have and how many haulers it will take to pick these items up. If you have fairly large pieces, such as large and heavy couches, some #refrigerators, #washers, and #dryers, this means you will need at least two haulers to pick up the items, if not more if you or your company has a lot of items. Secondly, it is important to note how many items and how long the job will take, plus the actual items you have and the potential dump and disposal fees. For example, if you need 2 couches and a washer and dryer hauled, know that a company could quote you anywhere between $200-$500, depending on all the factors mentioned above. This means that if the company quotes anything $500 and above, instead of writing off the company as expensive, see if they will negotiate on the price or you can even offer your budget and see what they can do to fit into it. Like we mentioned, as long as it won’t affect the bottom line, most companies will make it work for their customers.

There are many facets to the junk removal business. A reputable company will welcome any questions you may have about completing a potential service, so feel free to reach out to us or any other #junk #removal company. We will gladly give you any information you need about your next haul!

Contact us today by filling in our FREE estimate form at and enter code #Haul for a special discount on all October 2019 Hauls and Moves! Servicing the surrounding areas #Stephens #City #VA, #Winchester #Virginia, #West #Virginia, and more!


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