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Junk removal Stephens City VA

Cost of junk removal

The cost of junk removal can realty vary based on a number of simple factors. First, you'll want to consider the type and amount of junk you have. By type, we mean the materials. The type of materials that will help your junk removal company determine the appropriate disposal methods, as well as the special equipment needed to load and transport the items.

Affordable junk removal service

Affordable is relative when discussing junk removal because the price is always based on the amount of junk you have it's going to be around $250 to remove a few items like a sofa refrigerator #loveseat, where it would cost you around $10,000 to remove years of accumulated junk in a 2000 square foot house some people have a real problem with letting things go it's typically not there fault for letting things get out of hand because there condition is due to extreme stress a death or a sickness. Some people call these type of houses Horder houses but you have to be extremely careful how you deal with any Horder because of emotional attachment issues.

Cost of mattress removal

Typically most #junk #removal businesses have a minimum usually that minimum is $125 so $150

Cost of furniture removal

When it comes to #furniture #removal it all depends on the amount of furniture and the weight of each specific item also take into the consideration the layout of your home if is harder for the removal team to access a clear path from the junk to the truck you can expect an increase in the price so if you need a sofa, love seat, dresser and deep freezer removed the price range will be any where from $200 to $300 the factors that will have the price on the high end are stairs, rough terrain, and the weight of the furniture!

Cost to remove a piano

The cost to #remove a upright #piano ranges any where from $300 to $400. The price range to remove a high back upright piano ranges from $400 to $700 due to weight high back pianos are typically heavier then a regular upright piano. The cost to remove a baby grand piano ranges from $800 to $1,000 due to weight and the condition of the piano. The cost to remove a Grand piano will range from $1,000 to &2,000 due to weight stairs and tough terrain (hilly or sloppy).

So consider calling the professionals before attempting to remove these items because they are extremely dangerous to move and they can damage your house specifically your floors if moved incorrectly

HULK HAULERS VA bi weekly junk removal services

#Affordable Movers in Stephens City VA

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